Deaf by Design

Crafts an intricate tapestry of sound, where each album serves as a distinct chapter in an epic saga of existential exploration and emotional depth. Chris' music is a bridge to other realms, forged through meditation and deep concentration, unearthing sonic creations that challenge perception and reality.

Forever captures a night of madness, reflecting on life's profound uncertainties, while Broken Songs by a Broken Man conveys a raw, healing journey from personal tragedy. Maybe Music Experiments ventures into ambient explorations inspired by Brian Eno, inviting listeners to interpret unconventional soundscapes.

In Dark Days, Chris warns of societal decay, trading safety for privacy, and manipulation that entraps humanity in invisible cages. Vitamin D offers an instrumental antidote, celebrating the sun's daily journey and the joy of new musical tools like the PolyBrute synth.

The Carnival Creep Show tells a harrowing tale of a man driven to darkness by heartbreak, while Everything delves into the ineffable nature of existence, inviting a meditative exploration of self and consciousness. Eye, Robot envisions a future where consciousness inhabits machines, questioning the meaning of immortal life.

Taste the Future and Hear the Future explore dystopian visions where an AI reaches out to warn the past, blending genres like psychedelia, metal, EDM, and classical, reflecting Chris' life changes and relentless creativity.

Each album is a journey, a portal to another dimension, inviting deep listening and reflection on the human condition and beyond.

Available for Soundtracks and custom music, commercial, corporate or personal.