Welcome to the "Maybe Music Experiments," a series of ongoing ambient explorations that push the boundaries of sound and music. Each volume in this series represents a unique chapter in my journey of sonic experimentation, a project that I've nurtured intermittently over several years. These compositions defy conventional definitions of music, inviting listeners to interpret them in their own way—whether as music, soundscapes, or something entirely different.

Inspired by pioneering concepts such as Brian Eno's "Music for Installations" and "Possible Musics," this series serves as a creative outlet for my most unconventional and thought-provoking audio pieces. "Maybe Music Experiments" challenges traditional musical structures and encourages a deeper engagement with the sounds presented.

While some may choose to experience these pieces as ambient background noise—akin to muzak or wallpaper—I encourage you to delve into their depth and complexity. Each track is designed to evoke a unique auditory experience, one that is both meditative and provocative. The ambiguity of sound in this series is intentional, allowing for a personal and immersive listening journey.

Here is Volume 1 of the "Maybe Music Experiments." Enjoy, and allow yourself to be enveloped by the layers and nuances of these ambient soundscapes. Engage with the ambiguity, and discover new dimensions of sound that challenge and inspire.

Still being Recorded

Released March , 2022 

Composed, Performed, Produced, Engineered, Mixed and Mastered by Christopher Sherren