Hear the Future - is an abstract idea about being able to glean ideas and messages from the future through senses not usually associated with observation. When talking about perceiving the future, most talk about seeing the future. What if the future was coming to us through other means, out of desperation? Like taste, sound, smells and the electricity around us? This is the telling of a dystopian future, collapsing inward due to social anomalies and the ruling class pushing us into near extinction, with the few left being subjected to mind control, sensory deprivation, starvation, no sense of privacy or even a sense of being, stripped of all humanity. A lone AI element, which knows there is no turning back from the current depths of despair, attempts to reach out to the past with a declaration of danger, a warning, a message of love and profound wisdom. This message will ignite courage and hope in some, but ultimately will end with a more twisted and darker demise ever imagined.

This story will unfold in 3 or more parts, this is part 2.

Musically this is another departure for me, it's my most approachable and modern work yet. It also pushes into a plethora of territory, it has elements of Psychedelia, Experimental, Metal, Rock, EDM, Pop, Drone, Ambient, Krautrock, Classical…there are little boundaries, but there is an element of restraint I rarely display. The songs are as long as usual, but they are jammed packed with ideas and concepts. These songs also represent a 2000KM move across the country, they represent lost and stolen gear, they reflect on the new environment and new equipment, new software and a new life. This album has been a year in the making, which was recorded alongside 4 other albums I hope to release this year.

Please take the time to let this art soak in. Listen deeply and know that I care even deeper. This music is my heart and soul, made with love and drenched with fear.

Thank you to my Wife for the endless support and understanding. She puts up with a basket case of a musician daily and shows me love and patience in return

Thank you to the Mysterious and Enigmatic Peri Urban for encouragement in my voice and incredible mixing (Death Will Come) and mastering (Hear the Future Album).

Released March 16, 2024