As a conceptual sequel to FOREVER, EVERYTHING delves into the vast and ineffable expanse of existence. This album explores the invisible tapestry of unyielding geometry that stitches our reality together. It protects us, holds us, shields us, and traps us, obscuring the true essence of reality. What sustains this delicate balance? Is it our minds, our senses, nature, an alien force, or God? We grapple with the ever-present awareness of the end, the void, the place where we spend FOREVER—the realm we inhabit before birth and after death. The place where EVERYTHING converges.

This album is a meditation, with each track unfolding like a chrysanthemum, a fractal journey inward. It is an exploration of self, consciousness, and the essence of life. Designed as a three-part presentation, it is truly meant to be experienced as a whole. Although not everyone may have the time or inclination to listen to over two hundred minutes of music in one sitting, those who are adventurous, brave, and undaunted should make the effort. On a late Friday night, or whenever you have an evening to devote, meditate and place yourself in an altered state. Surrender and voyage through this profound musical journey, navigating the depths of my mind and yours. This is an odyssey that will not disappoint.

Recorded 2019

Released January - February, 2023 

Composed, performed, produced, mixed and mastered by Christopher Sherren