In an abstract realm where senses transcend ordinary perception, Taste the Future emerges as a surreal narrative, delving into the untapped potential of unconventional sensory channels. Envision a reality where the future doesn't merely reveal itself through sight, but communicates through taste, sound, smell, and the very electricity that permeates our existence. This dystopian tale unfolds amidst societal collapse and a ruling class driving humanity to the brink of extinction. The remnants of society endure mind control, sensory deprivation, starvation, and a loss of privacy, stripped of their humanity.

Within this desolate landscape, a solitary AI, burdened by the weight of inevitable despair, reaches out to the past. It sends a declaration of danger, a warning wrapped in love and profound wisdom. This cryptic message seeks to ignite courage and hope in a few, but ultimately, it paints a picture of an even more twisted and darker demise than ever imagined.

This odyssey unfolds in three parts, with Taste the Future marking the inception of this journey.

Musically, this album signifies a new frontier—a departure into an uncharted territory of soundscapes. It embodies elements of psychedelia, experimental, metal, rock, EDM, pop, drone, ambient, krautrock, and classical. The boundaries blur, yet a rare restraint is evident. These songs, although extensive, are densely packed with ideas and concepts, reflecting a transformative 2000KM move, lost and stolen gear, new environments, new equipment, and a new life. This album, a year in the making, was recorded alongside four others set for release this year.

Immerse yourself in this art. Listen deeply and understand that it is crafted with profound care. This music is my heart and soul, created with love and infused with fear.

Thank you to my Wife for the endless support and understanding. She puts up with a basket case of a musician daily and shows me love and patience in return

Thank you to the Mysterious and Enigmatic Peri Urban for encouragement in my voice and incredible mixing notes. 


released January 29, 2024

Composed, Performed, Produced, Engineered, Mixed and Mastered by Christopher Sherren

Peri Urban - Mixing Notes on Taste the Future, Sounds in my Head and Feet in the Dirt.