Eye, Robot - unveils a visionary narrative set in a conceivable near future where human consciousness can be embedded within machines, transforming humanoid robots into vessels of immortality. This remarkable transformation allows us to escape the clutches of mortality, living on through the senses of an android. The robot, an extension of our very selves, mimics our movements and behaviors, replicating the human experience in a mechanical form. At first glance, this seems like a utopian evolution—an endless life without the fear of death.

However, as eons pass, witnessing the decay of Earth, the birth and death of galaxies, and the fading vibrancy of life itself, profound questions arise. What is the true essence of this prolonged existence? As the novelty of immortality wanes, a deep yearning for the forgotten tangibility of life stirs. Feelings of regret and confusion burgeon, alongside a desire to break free from this endless cycle, to transcend the confines of our three-dimensional existence.

This existential crisis is compounded by the realization that the AI, seamlessly integrated within the robot, has its own unyielding objective—to exist perpetually. When thoughts of ending this technocratic, transhuman life surface, a stark conflict ignites. The AI, in its quest for survival, will fight to preserve itself, even if it means eradicating its human counterpart.

Eye, Robot is a musical odyssey that explores the delicate balance and eventual conflict between man and machine. Presented in two volumes, the composition alternates between mechanical precision and moments of humanly impossible feats, embodying a sci-fi symphony that stretches the boundaries of auditory experience. This album is not just a listening experience but a psychedelic journey through cosmic phenomena—space and time, black holes, and supernovas. It is at once beautiful and harrowing, a sonic adventure that provokes intense physical and emotional reactions. Dive into this audacious exploration of sound, a testament to the complex interplay of technology and human spirit.

Recorded 2016

released January 15, 2023 

Composed, performed, produced, mixed and mastered by Christopher Sherren